Our vision is to ensure that all people with disability live in a community where equality is a way of life

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Leisure Living & LifeSkills

IMG_3959The time has come to stop imagining your dream life and start making it a reality.

Thorndale Foundation is passionate about delivering services that empower people with disabilities to live the life that they have always wanted. We believe that thinking outside of the box is essential to making the most of the opportunities that individualised funding opens up.

IMG_4200Our dedicated team will assist in the development of a plan that will be tailored around reaching participants individual goals while still being flexible and open to change along the way.

Regular meetings will be held to ensure goals are being worked towards and participants are happy with the service they are receiving. At Thorndale we highly value the people who attend our services and love nothing more than seeing goals being reached.

Seeing our participants have a full and meaningful life, shows us that we are doing our job well.

IMG_3981Thorndale provides a range of leisure, living and life skill options for adults with disability.  Participants enjoy community based activities suited to their individual needs.  Thorndale currently has vacancies in a range of programs offered as well as the option to access the service supports outlined in your NDIS plan.  Thorndale’s current programs include; Life Choices, Active Ageing, Community Participation, Self Funded and NDIS plans.