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Billy's Story

Posted on 2 April 2018
Billy's Story
This story started many years ago, when a young boy Billy first walked the halls of Thorndale. Billy is now a 54 year old man and still very much part of Thorndale. His mother Brenda, was one of the original parents of the foundation and also a long standing volunteer. Brenda sadly passed away in 2013. In 2016 a vacancy became available in one of Thorndale's new group homes we were pleased to be able to offer him his very own room with friends that he had known for years. Billy settled nicely into his new home. We were delighted that the transition from his family home to Thorndale seemed very smooth. He now enjoys visiting his family and returns to his own home after visiting family and friends as we all do. Billy is making progress, he is building on being more involved in his self care and personal skills, is learning to participate in general household tasks and enjoys a number of activities throughout the week. Billy is a true gentleman, he holds doors open for you and will always put his arm out and say "after you". He will always ask "can I help you?". Billy is very social and loves to chat , he has a beautiful smile and is always happy. Billy loves to go for a walk with his sister and their dog regularly on a Sunday and he likes to go to the club with his sister to play darts. He likes to watch old shows and movies, his laugh is infectious when he is watching the comedies with his housemates. Billy loves to colour in, listen to music, spend time with the staff and his house buddies as well as watch his favourite football team "The Panthers". Billy also attends Thorndale's Leisure, Living and Life Skills program where he loves to sing and play music. Billy also loves trains, picnics and going into Sydney and would love to have a picnic in Botanical Gardens very soon.
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