Participant Stories

25 April 2018

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Alan's Story

Alan commenced work with Thorndale Industries in May of 2014. Prior to working at Thorndale he spent 38 years on the railway and took a volunteer redundancy due to a decrease in his health.
He spent a year unemployed and in this time endured some health issues which saw him having an operation.

10 April 2018

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Melissa's Story

Melissa is a young woman with Downs Syndrome who has worked in our Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) since 2009. This year an opportunity became available for Melissa to move out of the family home and into supported accommodation into our newest home. Although the move out of home has h...

7 April 2018

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Jonathan's Story

Jonathan is a 19 year old man who, like most people his age, has many life experiences that he has yet to have the opportunity explore. Jonathan has been working his way to increased independence with the support of Thorndale staff through one on one skill building and group activities. J...

6 April 2018

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Cameron's Story

Cameron was diagnosed with moderate autism at 2 years and 4 months. Cameron was non-verbal and sensory sensitive. He would be extremely picky with his food, having a very limited diet. He hated wearing clothes and shoes, very often spending his days naked (inside the house) and constantly absc...

2 April 2018

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Billy's Story

This story started many years ago, when a young boy Billy first walked the halls of Thorndale. Billy is now a 54 year old man and still very much part of Thorndale. His mother Brenda, was one of the original parents of the foundation and also a long standing volunteer. Brenda sadly passed away in...

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